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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Rosie’s birthdays always feel strange but this one marked twenty years since Rosie had her last birthday on earth. Yesterday feeling sensitive I was just intent on getting through the day. Twenty years of Rosie’s birthdays have taught me that I do get through them despite feeling the pain. This one felt poignant as it coincided with the opening night of Cinderella.

At the morning dress rehearsal, I was in my usual place watching Connie, Jodie’s daughter as she broke into song with the kids. It was like watching a young Jodie in the days when she appeared with Rosie in our panto’s.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year they sang and as I watched I felt that prickly heat round my face and shoulders-the one I get when I feel Rosie is around.

I wanted to hang on to it, but it vanished.

The day passed as I knew it would – it always does.

Bertie had stayed late after the final dress rehearsal last Thursday.16th December. He was alone at the theatre and going through some lighting cues ready for the first show next day.

In Bertie’s words he was laughing as he said “I think there’s a ghost or something. I was in the box when suddenly all the lights started doing weird things -flashing. It’s never happened before. Then it stopped.” He motioned to the area on the left of the theatre. “I heard one of the seats flick up -round there somewhere” He was pointing in the direction on H8.

“At that point I thought it was time to get out.” He said.

My hand was over my mouth and I gasped and Sam said “Don’t worry its ok it’s just Carolyn’s daughter”.



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