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Back in New York

It felt strange revisiting The Plaza in Central Park last week.

In my chapter "Eloise at The New York Plaza" I describe our first trip to New York in 2004.

Ellie won first prize -a trip to NYC in the raffle at our first Rosie's Rainbow Show back in April 2004.

So much has happened since then.

Our hotel bedroom at the Plaza overlooked Central Park. It was grand and ornate with gilt furnishings echoing the style of the illustrations in "Eloise at the Plaza". Jayne, in her sweet and caring way just sat on the bedder arm around me. I was blubbing like a baby, so she found a box of tissues in the bathroom. There were soon damp balls of tissue all over the oversized bed. Catching sight of my reflection in the hotel mirror, my face was unrecognisable with a red nose, blotchy face, and smeared mascara.

During that evening Jayne said that should Sam not be able to produce eggs, she would offer hers. I was so touched by her gesture and her kindness made it possible to get through another evening.

Eloise at the New York Plaza- page 123 "The Future is Rosie."


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