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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

If you’ve read my book you will know about the close bond between Rosie and her Grandma June, and how they would sit side by side in our theatre in Row H – seats 7 and 8 writing actors notes for our annual pantomimes.

Mum loved writing the tags for these Christmas shows.

So, I wrote this tag which I spoke last week at the end of my mother's funeral service, and dedicated this to her as the curtain fell on her farewell performance.

The Tags

Your story now is ending

We know you’ve had such fun,

With the shows and the directors’ notes

You shared with everyone.

And the lazy days and summers

Or in every sort of weather,

With messy kids and pool and cake

When we were all together

We’re “moulded” by those memories

But bonds may not be broken

With a robin and a rainbow

And your truth which must be spoken.

Applause now as we say farewell

Remembering all the laughter

The magic and the memories,

Forever, ever after.



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